Gmail app drain battery android

Is there already a solution for this?

Identify & Resolve Battery Draining Issues on Android [How-To]

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  • How to Fix Google Play Services’ Battery Drain on Android?
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Gmail issues - no notifications and battery drain Ask Question. Update Now I also get sometimes a notification like this: Potential Overheating Gmail is is editing contact data too long. Phone specs: Android 8.

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Therefore, the s even more money. You can fix this by turning off auto-sync for various accounts such as your email, Calendar, and Drive, as well as third-party apps such as WhatsApp.

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  7. Obviously, if auto-sync is very important to you for a given app, then leave it on and try turning off auto-sync on the less important apps first. Many users install task killers hoping they will stop unwanted processes and help them save the battery. By doing so, those apps that are closed will start right back up, using more battery power than before, including Google Play Services. Try uninstalling the task killer and see if that fixes your battery issue. These errors can also be the reason why you have to charge your phone more than before.

    Fix battery drain problems on Android

    Take a look at your contacts, calendar, and Gmail account, and see if you can spot any errors. You can also try removing and re-adding accounts to try and fix those sync errors. There are plenty of apps that will ask for your location. The issue is that when they do, they ask for it through Google Play Services, which then uses your GPS to get that information. Open the apps that are asking for your location and toggle off the location permission.

    Fix Google Play Services’ Battery Drain by Turning Off Auto-sync

    Android shows which apps and system services are using the most battery power—just open the Settings menu and tap Battery to view this information. The information here is usually self-explanatory, but depending on what version of Android your phone is running, things might look a little bit different. For example, on older version of Android like Marshmallow Android 6.

    How to Fix Google Play Services' Battery Drain on Android - Make Tech Easier

    On Oreo Android 8. Screen usage shows up at the top here, with app battery usage getting its own section.

    It really makes more sense this way. Individual apps appear in this list, so you can see exactly which apps are using battery power. For obvious reasons, apps you actively use more often will probably appear near the top.

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    5. Read our guide to saving battery power on Android for more information.

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