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The platform simply rocks our world and we owe it to Sun Microsystems way back in when they first introduced the language for programming. Since then, it has become the communication medium for countless programs made in the entire computing industry whether online or offline.

I myself can't imagine how big the coverage is until now and I can't believe that with such language, the soul of all latest like the android mobile exists today. You can read more about its uses and why the world of programming industry needs it today here - http: Should you need java in building your consumer or embedded device, you will have to go through with Oracle.

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Many other countless uses of java have been documented while many more are still hard to understand and accept although we all feel it and experience it, we also know it exists in all our daily world, there is no explanation enough to describe how vast its use is until today. For your iPad and iPhone mobile, please visit our post on the Apple iPad apps store or see our list of free apps for android phone.

Comments Have your say about what you just read! The evil Psyphon has planted explosive devices throughout the city and is threatening to detonate them.

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Help Ben defeat Psyphon and his mercenaries and save Undertown! Very simple, but incredibly addictive puzzle game in which to be a little loaf.

Be extremely careful, watch out for the figures that with every move will appear on the screen, plan your moves in advance! We have a square board of size 4x4. The goal - to reach the numbers on one of the squares.

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On this you can not stop and continue the game as much as possible. Games will be played with the arrow to the right, left, up and down. With every movement on the field there are numbers 2 or 4 with each turn a player can throw all the squares in one of the sides. If there are two squares with the same numbers-they form one number equal to their sum. At each connection figure increased by 2 times.

The game continues as long as the field is empty cells for emerging figures.

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Lamp Jump. How high can you jump? Rise above all, constantly jumping from one platform to another, along the way picking up stars, avoiding the lightning.

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All rights reserved. English Genre: Racing games , Java Games Resolution: Assassins Creed 3 Add date: Gameloft Locale: Action games , Java Games Resolution: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Add date: Electronic Arts Locale: Fighting games , Java Games Resolution: Megapack Add date: Cat-Mouse 2 Add date: NET Lizard Locale: Dots Add date: Aqua Jewel Add date: Omniverse Add date: Then check out Tankzors Pro. Based around the classic NES game Battle City, Tankzors sees you try to defeat the enemy militia by getting behind the wheel of a tank and crushing any bad guys you come across.

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Zelda Mobile — Another legendary Nintendo title, Zelda translates surprisingly well to the small screen of the mobile phone. The cartoony graphics look great, too.

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Mine Hunter — This is a faithful port of the classic Windows timewaster, Minesweeper. The object of the game is the same as always — find the hidden mines on the grid without getting blown up. This is done by meticulously figuring out which squares will have bombs based on the numbered clues.

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Plop Art Sudoku — Sudoku is a great brain workout but it can be a little dull. Plop Art Sudoku injects some fun into the genre by replacing numbers with cute little creatures. The object of the game is to arrange the nine different images so that none of them appear more than once in the same line or square.

Pipes — This is a great interpretation of a classic puzzle format. admin